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DEval’s corona blog for evidence-based development policy

Controlling the coronavirus pandemic in the countries of the Global South requires evidence-based development policy. If we want to develop effective strategies and measures to combat the spread of Covid-19, we need scientifically substantiated debates, multidisciplinary exchange and flexible planning.

In our corona blog named + Evidence, national and international experts from the areas of evaluation and development research present their findings and views concerning the evidence available for more effectively controlling the coronavirus pandemic in the countries of the Global South.

Avoiding disaster while bracing for long-term impact: labour market policies in the Covid-19 crisis

by Achim Kemmerling, Stefan Volkmann, Stephanie Gast Zepeda

Across the globe, the Covid-19 crisis has a devastating impact on labour markets, already affecting half the world population’s jobs and reducing incomes, including those in the informal sector, by as much as 60 percent (ILO, 2020). The shock is unevenly distributed, even in rich countries. The situation in developing countries is, however, much more complicated.

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The overload in Covid-19 resources – navigating the evidence jungle

by Timo Kretschmer, Elisabeth Schneider, Lea Jechel, Marion Krämer

The current crisis is giving evidence-informed policy-making and rigorous impact evaluation substantial momentum as the mainstream media increasingly turns to scientific findings to counteract uncertainty and disorientation among the general public.

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Democratic collateral damage in Asia: COVID-19 hits democracies with pre-existing conditions harder

by Aurel Croissant

Democracy is suffering worldwide. This malaise is not a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the outbreak is accelerating it. The not particularly convincing efforts of several democratic governments to contain the pandemic and its consequences for the economy and society are also re-igniting old debates about the performance capacities of democracies and non-democracies, and Asia-Pacific states are no exception.

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How can development cooperation respond to the corona crisis? Food for thought from evaluation results

by Jochen Kluve

In view of the corona crisis, many donors are taking immediate action, expanding their activities and planning new programmes. At KfW Development Bank, we have asked ourselves which evaluation findings from Financial Cooperation (FC) and other institutions can sharpen the focus during conceptualisation. In addition to overarching findings from past crises and disasters, we would also like to provide sector-specific food for thought.

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