German Institute for Development Evaluation

Annual records and audits

Each year, the Management Board submits an annual financial statement to the Shareholder Meeting, evidence of use of funds and a medium-term work plan for the institute. It also reports twice yearly on the institute's activities. Moreover, DEval follows the Public Corporate Governance Codex of the Federal Government, reporting annually to its supervisory body on compliance with the codex (Corporate Governance Bericht 2014).

The annual financial statement is examined by an auditor or auditing firm appointed by the Shareholder. The audit not only covers the annual financial statement and annex and the management report, but also includes an examination under Section 53 of the Budgetary Principles Act (§ 53 HGrG). In addition, an audit performed by the BMZ checks on proper and cost-efficient use of institutional grants and conducts due diligence. DEval is also subject to inspections by Germany's Supreme Audit Institution (BRH).

As at: October 2015