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Dr Alexander Kocks

Current evaluations

Concluded evaluations


  • Evaluation methods and designs
  • Qualitative and quantitative methods in social science research
  • Research in crisis and conflict resolution, governance, security, human rights, private sector and corporate social responsibility

Curriculum Vitae

Alexander Kocks is a Method Specialist in DEval´s Competence Center for Methods. Prior to joining DEval he worked for a number of years as a researcher and lecturer at the LMU Munich (Geschwister-Scholl-Institute for Political Science) and at the University of Bremen (Institute for Intercultural and International Studies). His main research focus is on peace and security studies, development cooperation and human rights. In his dissertation he has been looking into the causes of humanitarian interventions from a global public good perspective. His research and teaching has been centred on theory testing and qualitative as well as quantitative methods. He is reviewer for several peer-reviewed journals and was Speaker of the Junior Research Group of the German Political Science Association´s section “International Politics”. He worked in various impact evaluation projects conducted by the Institute for Development and Peace (INEF) and was a visiting lecturer at the FU Berlin (Center for Global Politics). In addition, he has been working with UNDP´s Office of Development Studies (New York, USA) and the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation (Accra, Ghana).

Selected publications

Roxin, H., A. Kocks, R. Wedel, N. Herforth, T. Wencker (2021), Die Wirksamkeit deutscher Entwicklungszusammenarbeit bei konfliktbedingten Fluchtkrisen. Die Beschäftigungsoffensive Nahost, Deutsches Evaluierungsinstitut der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit (DEval), Bonn.

Kocks, Alexander, Ruben Wedel, Hanne Roggemann, Helge Roxin (2018): Building Bridges Between International Humanitarian and Development Responses to Forced Migration, A Review of Conceptual and Empirical Literature with a Case Study on the Response to the Syria Crisis, Rapport 2018, No. 02 till Expertgruppen för biståndsanalys (EBA).

Kocks, A. et al. (2012): "Between Law and Politics: Explaining International Dispute Settlement Behavior", European Journal of International Relations, Vol. 18, No. 2, pp. 369-401 (together with Bernhard Zangl, Achim Helmedach, Aletta Mondré, Gerald Neubauer und Kerstin Blome).

Kocks, A., A. Spencer, K. Harbrich (eds.) (2011), Terrorism Research in Germany, Wiesbaden.

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