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15.04.2021 - EES-Online Seminar: Getting Practical with Text Mining in Evaluation

The next webinar in EES’ ongoing series “Emerging Data Landscapes in M&E” is co-hosted by Thematic Working Group 6 Methods and Designs, and will focus on how evaluators can use text mining techniques to make the most out of the data in project documents and descriptions. While the webinar will cover both the conceptual and technical aspects of these methods, the practical focus will be on how new users can implement them. Through three case studies from DEval and Norad, the presentations and discussion will focus on text mining’s potential, pitfalls, and “how to” tips to get started.



Speaker 1: Thomas Wencker, Evaluator, DEval

Speaker 2: Javier Fabra-Mata PhD, Senior Advisor, Evaluation Department, Norad

Speaker 3: Lea Smidt, Evaluator, DEval


Moderator: Alena Lappo, EES Board Member

Discussant: Estelle Raimondo, PhD, EES Board Member


Time: 15 April 2021, from 14:00-15:30 CEST (8:00-9:30 EST)


Registration: Please follow the link.

For further Information please visit: Emerging Data Landscapes in M&E Getting Practical with Text Mining in Evaluation: How To Make Sense of Project Information | EES (

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