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14.11.2013 - Dealing with Complexity (Bob Williams & Richard Hummelbrunner; expert discussion)

It is fashionable to consider interventions as complex. But does this actually help us in evaluating them? How can their 'messiness' be entangled and how to deal with inevitable uncertainties that this involves? Richard Hummelbrunner and Bob Williams, co-authors of "Systems Concepts in Action” will present some insights from the systems field and discuss how they handle the complexity conundrum in their own practice.

Freelance consultant, specializing in empirical field research and evaluation technique, systems theory and practice, organizational development and action research.

RICHARD HUMMELBRUNNER: Senior associate of OEAR Regionalberatung; practitioner, trainer and author, specialized in cross-border and trans-national cooperation, systemic methods and tools EU-Regional Aid Schemes, Regional Development Programmes, Strategy- and politic consulting, EU Programming and evaluation, Consulting for Regional Development Agencies.

Die Teilnahme erfolgt auf Einladung.

Contact: Dr. Stefanie Krapp

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