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Dr Hanne Roggemann

Concluded evaluations


  • Expertise in development economics, vulnerability to poverty, and informal insurance strategies.
  • Methodological expertise in quantitative impact evaluation method, particularily in experimental and quasiexperimental approaches.

Curriculum Vitae

Hanne Roggemann studied Development Economics and Slavonic Languages at the University of Goettingen (degree: Magister). In 2011 she started to work as a research assistant at the Chair for Development Economics and Integration at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. In the scope of this work she was involved in the DFG Project „Impacts of shocks on the vulnerability to poverty: consequences for development of emerging Southeast Asian economies“. She conducted a household panel survey and experimental data in rural Vietnam and used such observations for her dissertation on consumption smoothing strategies of rural households in Vietnam. Since October 2015 Hanne Roggemann is working as evaluator at DEval.

Selected publications

Kocks, Alexander, Ruben Wedel, Hanne Roggemann, Helge Roxin (2018): Building Bridges Between International Humanitarian and Development Responses to Forced Migration, A Review of Conceptual and Empirical Literature with a Case Study on the Response to the Syria Crisis, Rapport 2018, No. 02 till Expertgruppen för biståndsanalys (EBA).

Handbook of Management of Evaluations of the Spanish Cooperation.

Internal evaluation of the Master Plan for the Spanish Cooperation 2005-2008.