German Institute for Development Evaluation
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Dr Thomas Schwedersky

Current evaluations

Completed evaluations


  • Design and conduct of evaluations
  • Combination of qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods
  • Participatory configuration of evaluation processes
  • Design and facilitation of dialogue oriented learning processes

Curriculum Vitae

Dr Thomas Schwedersky has more than 30 years of experiences in international cooperation. After an assignment as development worker in Burkina Faso he went to Göttingen University where he received his PhD in agricultural sciences. During the nineties he managed a supra regional pilot project within GTZ (German Technical Cooperation) on “natural resource management by self-help promotion”.
Working for nearly 15 year as an independent consultant – while living for 3,5 years in Southern Africa – he was regularly conducting evaluations for different governmental and non-governmental organisations. He has profound experiences with different types of evaluations. His sectoral expertise is in rural development but also covers natural resource management and climate change. Beyond that, he has good working experiences in change management and dialogue oriented learning.
Since 2002, Thomas Schwedersky lives with his family near Bonn.


The list of publications can be made available on request.