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DEval’s corona blog for evidence-based development policy

Controlling the coronavirus pandemic in the countries of the Global South requires evidence-based development policy. If we want to develop effective strategies and measures to combat the spread of Covid-19, we need scientifically substantiated debates, multidisciplinary exchange and flexible planning.

In our corona blog named + Evidence, national and international experts from the areas of evaluation and development research present their findings and views concerning the evidence available for more effectively controlling the coronavirus pandemic in the countries of the Global South.

Covid-19 and development cooperation – we know a lot about what works, let’s use the evidence

by Jörg Faust, Per Øyvind Bastøe, Wendy Asbeek Brusse

Evaluations of responses to recent epidemics (SARS, Ebola, Avian Influenza) and natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, provide key lessons for policymakers facing these challenges today.

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